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Art has always been a passion for me and I am always happy to share it with others. What is important is often more to look at the works than to know much about them.
Native from the Maine and Normandy, I did most of my studies abroad (Royal Academy of Arts in London, Facultad de filosofia y letras de Madrid, Cologne University) and in Paris (bachelor degree in Russian at the INALCO), with a special focus on art. I also spent nine months in Bordeaux to get acquainted with wines and oenology and passed an examination to become a guide. My areas of interest range from architecture to oenology and from the Antique world to modern times, with a few exceptions, and I would be delighted to take you through the history of France and show you our nicest sites.

Arts History and Museums :

All my life I have been surrounded by works of art. I was born in a castle that is listed under the historical monuments and that was furnished with beautiful pieces of furniture and paintings so that I quite naturally got involved in art and history since they make the pair. Visiting museums and monuments of all kinds is one of my favorite hobbies. And since I spent almost twelve years abroad in five countries, and travelled a lot, I was able to take advantage of this situation to visit quite a lot of them. Apart from that, I studied art at university (in London, Madrid, Köln, Paris) and decided one day to become a guide to share this passion.

Fashion and Jewelry :

I like fashion and know quite a lot of places in Paris where one can find designers and fashion boutiques but this is not my specialty.

Wine and Gastronomy :

Wine has been one of my specialties. I studied oenology in Bordeaux and promoted French wines in Germany for two years on behalf of big organizations. I took advantage of my numerous sojourns abroad to become acquainted with the local wines, from Spain to Germany over Greece, Italy, California, and so on. Years ago, I ran a hotel-restaurant-and-convention-center for seven years in a beautiful estate near Brittany. This experience was quite complementary to the fine cooking I experimented all my youth in my family.

Gardens and Botanic :

Without going too far in the comparison, I am like Louis XIV; I love gardens and the countryside. They also have always been part of my life and a nice walk within the quietness of a beautiful garden or of a forest is really something that reminds you that there is something else and more profound in life than the self-conceit of modernity and that we are part of the earth even if some would just ignore it.

Architecture :

The appreciation of Art is not something that pops up in one's head just like that. It is a long process that builds up by seeing and comparing works and details as well as the way the same details are at times represented or achieved over the years or centuries. To appreciate architecture it requires at times diving into the mind of the period when the works were created. The past centuries have left us a lot of beauties that just want to be admired and that tell us a lot about our forefathers.

Traditions and Local History :

Who loves art and cultures can but love traditions and local history. These are our roots and without roots we miss an important part of the meaning of life. To me, traditions are essential and I am really concerned when I see how much the modern world is destroying these cultures, traditions and local history just to make big business out of this destruction.

History, Historical Sites and Monuments :

There is no art without history and no history without art. Both walk hand in hand because art is the transfiguration of history and has often been its support. Art is one of the best accomplishments of humanity and in a way the physical revelation of history.

Vintage Furniture and Flea Market :

As I have already said, I spent all my life in the middle of antiques and beautiful pieces of furniture. This doesn't imply that I should appreciate them but it still helps and I happen to really love that.

Modern art :

I don't like everything in modern art. Or, I should rather say in contemporary art. The Parisian museums of modern art are not the best ones in the world. They nevertheless offer nice collections which are a visit worth.

Religion, Religious Monuments :  

Although I have been baptized, I am not religious. I still appreciate the great things that have been accomplished by the Church over the centuries as well as I remain critical. Our whole civilization owes a lot to the Church and cannot be understood if we let the religion aside. And as for religious monuments, most of them are just magnificent and deserve our admiration.

Off the Beaten Tracks Local Sites :

For those who already know a city or as a complement to the discovery of a city, walking off the beaten tracks is a nice experience that shows another side of the life of this city.



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Off the Beaten Tracks Local Sites


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