Kathy Komar / Bayside Travel / Virtuoso / September 2019

Lahey Feedback on Normandy, St Tropez and Paris
Soup to Nuts it was fantastic.
There were no hitches, everything worked.  All of the pieces of the puzzle came together just right
The VIP Arrival Service is our new favorite.  We had the same kid both ways and he make it so much better.  We are definitely not going to travel without the service ever again.
The drivers arrived early – we loved that as we are always early.  We liked that the Nice pickup was the same guy who drove us to and from the helicopter.  It built a relationship and we could recognize him
The guides were very good.  The woman who did the Normandy touring was the best she was amazing.  She was maybe only 28 and she knew when and how to give us space when we needed it.  She also showed us things off the beaten path where we were the only ones there.  That was great.
The people at Bayeux were lovely and they were right it probably is the nicest place in town.
Cheval Blanc was beautiful and the beach was spectacular.  It really is the only place to stay in St. Tropez.  They did lots of special things for our anniversary – bottle of rose, candles one night, rose petals and a drawn bath.  The restaurant was great, but very overpriced for what it is.  If we went back we would stay there but skip the restaurant. The breakfast was enormous.   The bartenders on the beach were great.  We didn’t really get why they didn’t really seem to offer us their cars for transport except for once.
In St Tropez the market in town was lots of fun.  We heard that there are better clubs than Club 55.  They have the press, but there are better.  He couldn’t remember the names.
The Le Meurice room was almost the best room in the hotel.  Kathy, whoever you contacted, he did so much for us.  Please let them know that Marco the Concierge who was phenomenal and Jordan the Bartender made our stay amazing.  They just kept taking care of us, making sure we had seats, drinks, medicine, etc.  It was wonderful.  The champagne and the cake and all the treats they really took care of us at Le Meurice.
Restaurants in Paris
Girafe was fantastic, it was phenomenal you are literally hanging under the Eiffel Tower.  We were there for the light show and the service was really great.
L’Ami Jean was a fun meal.  It’s a tiny place where you are almost on each others laps and you watch the chef cook.  It was referred to us by a big time fashion friend, who said it is her favorite restaurant.   It was a great experience
Baieta – quirky place.  Might be good if you are a real foodie but not our favorite.
There are no improvements I could suggest at all, just great.
All the best,