Discovering Paris during the French Open

Discovering Paris during the French Open

Paris is always a great place to be and this may just be about the best time to capture its awe. With the French Open knocking, there is a sweet buzz in the atmosphere that seems to shed more light on the city of light. This buzz is magnified by the spring; arguably the most pleasant season in Paris.


As you prepare to experience this lovely city this period, I will explain how much excitement awaits you.

The French Open; the sporting event of the year

The  2018 French Open will take place between May 27th and June 10th at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris. The stadium was named after Roland Garros who was a world war one hero and pioneer of aviation killed in air battle. Subsequently the French Open was referred to as Roland-Garros after him.


This tournament is the second grand slam of the year and the only grand slam tournament on clay. Playing on clay makes it very physically exerting for the players and entertaining for the audience.


It has been described often as very “Gladiatorial”. The tournament seems to be the most physical with longer points and a tendency for players to walk away dirty and dusty with clay filled socks. It basically is a total battle from start to end.

Roland Garros; Tennis on clay


The Paris Atmosphere

During this period of the French Open, there is always a lot to keep you enthralled. Ranging from the beautiful game and the french people to the beauty of Paris. Just a few to keep you informed:

Paris in Springtime

The city of love doesn’t get any lovelier than it does in the season of spring. This fresh spring weather means the gardens are in full bloom, the parks are looking their loveliest and it provides a picturesque scenery that awakens the charm of the city of love. It is the time the streets come to life and the elegant parks and blossoming gardens burst with inviting scent and adorable colour. There is hardly a finer place than Paris in springtime.

Paris in springtime

Paris is also brimming with streams of markets. This is a very nice place to immerse yourself in the french culture. On sale in these markets are an extensive range of items; antiques, books, clothing, food, drinks and the list goes on. These markets are excellent for antique lovers and bargain hunters and are best explored in springtime.


Paris market in springtime

The over patriotic french public

The french could be a very patriotic people. Talking of this gives me a faint smile, but it is true and noteworthy. I may rather refer to it as the controversial french public that can destabilise many players. Interestingly, this will always guarantee a special atmosphere.


You will not want to miss out on blending in, and in any case that's where the whole fun is. So just incase, prepare your Panama hat to match with the rest of the crowd. This always makes for beautiful viewing but better still is being part of it.

Watch the doubles if you can

This is one I will not want to miss. As much attention and talk goes to the single games, It is sometimes easy to forget the amount of audience engagement of the doubles. It is always captivating and sometimes almost like you are physically on the clay. The size of the Stade Roland-Garros makes it even more worth your time, giving you about the closest proximity you could get at any grand slam.

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