What to do when in Cannes? 3 private shore excursions ideas

What to do when in Cannes? 3 private shore excursions ideas

Walking tour of Cannes, the old town and the covered market

For a little over 10 days (May 8th to to May 19th), the whole city of Cannes will have its eyes on the Cannes Convention center next month, as it will host the 71st edition of the Cannes festival.

In 1939, when the Cannes Festival, then referred to as “International Film Festival”, it was a close choice between Biarritz, now famous for the quality of the surf on its shores, and the city of Cannes.

Since this time, the “Pearl of the Riviera”, often compared to southern California for its landscape and weather, turned into a little Hollywood each year, to celebrate the “Septieme art” (Seventh art).

During a half-day walking tour of Cannes, you may start from the Convention center. Your personal licensed-guide (like Stephanie) will tell you about the festival’s rich history.

Originally, the festival was created to compete with the Venice Mostra festival, which was then seen as a propaganda instrument by the Italian regime. For the representatives of France, Great Britain and the United States, the 1938 laureate was seen as an outrage. This is when the idea of a competing festival to be held in France was born.

Unfortunately, almost immediately after its creation the festival was cancelled: on the day of the Festival inauguration, Germany invaded Poland and 2 days later, war was declared by Germany and then France.

In the 50s, the Festival was subject to the vicissitudes of the Cold War. To avoid giving political weight to the festival and ease diplomatic tensions, the jury had been given a right to withdraw a film from the festival, if it was seen as political, which was indeed a type of censorship. The jury had recourse to this right 11 times during the 1950s, before it was decided in 1957 that cinematic quality should be given more importance than diplomatic relations and this censorship was ended.

Your guide will accompany you through the port, the covered market and the old town, its narrow winding streets filled with local restaurants, boutiques, and local souvenir shops. After a stroll to the castle ruins, where you will be rewarded with an amazing view, you can trust your guide to bring you to a great local restaurant.

Experience the city of Nice architecture, art and local gastronomy

Everything is emphasized in Nice; the bright sunlight makes the colors flash. It is easy to see why the Côte d’Azur fascinates so many people. In the morning, the Cours Saleya has daily flower and food markets. You will view the luxurious Belle Époque-style residences, including the fabulous Négresco palace, built on the seashore. You may also want to visit the Russian Church (closed on Mondays).

Alt tag: Night view of Hotel Negresco in Nice.

Photo credits: Hotel Negresco

Give your taste buds a new experience and enjoy some socca in a local restaurant with a glass of wine.

You should also visit the Matisse Museum, which was created during the lifetime of the artist, with the support of the Minister of Culture André Malraux, and inaugurated in 1973. Chagall himself provided detailed instructions about the creation of the garden by Henri Fish, and decided the place of each of his works in the museum.


View of the City of Nice and its beach


Monaco and Eze

Drive in the morning with your guide to the medieval village of Eze that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Once inside, you will discover a small, charming Provencal village, filled with colorful window boxes and offering a panoramic view of the coastline.

You will be seduced by the marvels of Eze: small narrow roads, archways and superbly restored stone houses, shady squares and refreshing ancient fountains. The numerous artisans’ boutiques are hard to resist. Some of them resemble tiny caves dug into the rocky hillside.

The streets of this medieval village were witness to its historic past. The two lookout towers at the entrance, the doorway and the gunboat are all listed as historic monuments.

The beach in the "baie d'Eze" is easily accessible and is shaded by pine-trees that grow down almost to the water's edge. To reach the entrance, take the small, rocky path and admire the splendid view of the gardens that surround the Château de la Chèvre d'Or.

Inside the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo

Photo credit: Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo

Next, drive to Monaco; enjoy a walking tour of the city to view the Prince’s palace, the cathedral, Princess Grace's tomb, and to learn more about the history of this mythical city.

Afterwards, visit the heart of Monte-Carlo with its Casino and the Hôtel de Paris. There are sumptuous boutiques with the latest fashions, palatial luxury hotels, and very chic restaurants.

Admire the splendor of the 16th-century Italian Gallery, the Louis XV lounge, and the 17th-century Palatine Chapel.

Time permitting you could also visit the Oceanographic Museum that was inaugurated by Prince Albert I in 1910. Inside you will discover an amazing collection of marine life.

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