Bonjour Noémie, I hope you are doing well! I finally heard back from the Hornigs. They had a really great trip so thank you again for all of your help, they really enjoyed everything you did for them!

Versailles was huge. I have old legs and there was too much walking. Jean Noel was very good in locating elevators and he was very accommodating and knowledgeable.

Hi Marine, Here's a return letter from Diane Adam. Thanks again for all your great work, hope to talk again soon!

John:  thanks for the nice note.  We’ve been busy since returning, but your note reminded me that I wanted to give you feedback!
This was an amazing trip.  We loved having the WW2 focus and the mix of guided portions and open portions was perfect.  We loved the ease of having everything all organized and arranged for us!  Lisa did a amazing job of listening to what we wanted for this trip and putting it all together.  The materials you sent and having the app made all of the logistics seamless.
Some specific items of feedback:
Both hotels were amazing.  The staff at La Reserve were so warm, friendly and yet professional.  I don’t know how they all knew our names — but they did.  The room was beautiful and the bathroom was absolutely sumptuous with all the gorgeous marble.
The Parisian restaurants were great — La Bourse was our favorite by far — the small size and amazing food and staff really made that evening super festive and fun.  The seating at Bistroy was kind of cramped and close together- but the ambiance and quality of food made up for that.  The food and service at Comice was very special.
Paris tours—- our driver/ tour guide Phillip for the WW 2 overview of Paris was really knowledgeable— but his English was not great — so things were somewhat “ lost in translation” even with my broken French.
The cooking / baking session was definitely a highlight of the trip!
Our foodie walking tour was great fun.  Mugee, our tour guide took us to a great area in the Latin Quarter, where I think we were the only non parisians!  Exactly what we wanted!  Had many great shop visits and a lot of yummy tastes.  A cool way to spend half a day for sure!  We never would have found a neighborhood like that on our own.
The driver, Eduardo, who took us to the cooking kitchen , was also our driver who delivered us to Normandy, with our stop in Givernay.   He was excellent.  We were thrilled to find out he was our driver when we left the hotel Sunday am.
The Chateau — what a great place to settle into after leaving the hustle and bustle of Paris!  Gorgeous property and grounds.  Very nice people there who really care about their guests.  We were upgraded to a very large beautiful suite.  The property was more of a “ country” feel— rather than the elegance of the Paris hotel.  Our room was at the end of the building - so we had several sets of large corner windows — that we immediately opened to let all the beautiful country air in — ivy creeping around all the frames— very lovely!!
Dinner at the chateau was amazing — the best food of the trip!  Other restaurants in the area were not so good...one ok dinner and one pretty bad dinner.
Robin was our tour guide for the 2 days.  He was outstanding!!! Great English ( he shared with us that he learned English by watching American TV series and movies!  ). He was young ( 30ish) but incredibly knowledgeable and so enjoyable to spend 2 days with.  He gets a A + rating from us.
The beaches meet and surpassed every expectation we had — so powerful, moving and soul stirring.  So very glad we got to experience this.  American cemetery— robin has us there at 5:00 to see the flag lowering and to hear taps....   not many dry eyes for this poignant ceremony.
Mont St-Michel— I’m embarrassed to say that neither Miles nor I knew of this treasure— what a great place to see and learn the history of.  A must see for the area.  Otherworldly.
Flights — we had Delta outbound and Air France returning.  Air France was vastly superior in terms of aircraft, seat comfort, in flight entertainment and amenities.  Delta had friendlier staff — but I’d book Air France both ways!  We selected flights based on time of flights — Lisa said wed notice a difference, she was correct!
All in tres magnifict!  We had a fabulous trip.  Please extend our compliments to Decovertes for their work on the arrangements.  If you talk with Lisa, please extend our thanks to her as well!!
Diane and Miles$


Hi Silvia! I have to tell you, our Voyager Club excursion yesterday was AMAZING! Everyone loved every minute, the sand dune was a big hit! Lunch and oysters were delicious! I don’t think we could have asked for anything better.  WELL DONE:) Julie was an amazing guide, one of the best! Her English and knowledge were impeccable. Thanks again for organizing such an amazing day!!! See some pics attached to share with your team:) Cheers for now

Lahey Feedback on Normandy, St Tropez and Paris
Soup to Nuts it was fantastic.
There were no hitches, everything worked.  All of the pieces of the puzzle came together just right
The VIP Arrival Service is our new favorite.  We had the same kid both ways and he make it so much better.  We are definitely not going to travel without the service ever again.
The drivers arrived early – we loved that as we are always early.  We liked that the Nice pickup was the same guy who drove us to and from the helicopter.  It built a relationship and we could recognize him
The guides were very good.  The woman who did the Normandy touring was the best she was amazing.  She was maybe only 28 and she knew when and how to give us space when we needed it.  She also showed us things off the beaten path where we were the only ones there.  That was great.
The people at Bayeux were lovely and they were right it probably is the nicest place in town.
Cheval Blanc was beautiful and the beach was spectacular.  It really is the only place to stay in St. Tropez.  They did lots of special things for our anniversary – bottle of rose, candles one night, rose petals and a drawn bath.  The restaurant was great, but very overpriced for what it is.  If we went back we would stay there but skip the restaurant. The breakfast was enormous.   The bartenders on the beach were great.  We didn’t really get why they didn’t really seem to offer us their cars for transport except for once.
In St Tropez the market in town was lots of fun.  We heard that there are better clubs than Club 55.  They have the press, but there are better.  He couldn’t remember the names.
The Le Meurice room was almost the best room in the hotel.  Kathy, whoever you contacted, he did so much for us.  Please let them know that Marco the Concierge who was phenomenal and Jordan the Bartender made our stay amazing.  They just kept taking care of us, making sure we had seats, drinks, medicine, etc.  It was wonderful.  The champagne and the cake and all the treats they really took care of us at Le Meurice.
Restaurants in Paris
Girafe was fantastic, it was phenomenal you are literally hanging under the Eiffel Tower.  We were there for the light show and the service was really great.
L’Ami Jean was a fun meal.  It’s a tiny place where you are almost on each others laps and you watch the chef cook.  It was referred to us by a big time fashion friend, who said it is her favorite restaurant.   It was a great experience
Baieta – quirky place.  Might be good if you are a real foodie but not our favorite.
There are no improvements I could suggest at all, just great.
All the best,