Laurie, Marine,


Late yesterday afternoon my cardiologist-surgeon client, Dr. John Farmer, finally surfaced

and telephoned.


He said that I was to relay his total appreciation of the Versailles excursion and especially the

Hungarian Tour Guide’s knowledge that he shared with the doctors, my client and his

adult medical doctor nephew. Dr. Farmer had previously been to Versailles, however, your

Tour Guide and the total experience was outstanding.


In fact, he stated that it was the piece de resistance of the entire journey and again, to thank

you for conducting the excursion without pre-payment.




Bruce Bonnecarrere


Bonjour ladies! I hope that this email finds you both well! :- )


The first thing that I want to tell you is that my clients who recently had the Champagne Tour with Christian were SO HAPPY and they have told me that it was their best day during their travels in Europe! Thanks to you and to Christian for delivering such a fantastic experience to my valued clients!!


I have clients traveling to Nice next year at the end of August/beginning of September and they are interested in visiting the countryside a bit including stops at a few wineries for tastings. Please tell me what you might be able to offer us.


Sending sunshine,

Beach Bum Becky

Hello Andre,

I just wanted to share this email sent by Sandy Fetterman regarding her experience in Paris.  Dr. Fetterman had a medical meeting in Paris and needed a hotel near the meeting facility and that is why we selected La Villa Maillot for them, which as you can read worked very nicely and they had a lovely stay there.

BUT of importance to you are the praises she gave regarding the tours to Versailles and Normandy which I had you arrange.  She along with her traveling friends-4 of them, all enjoyed the private sightseeing program we prepared for them. OF special note is her compliment of Jean-Noel which she asked that I express to you how wonderful it was having him as their guide.  Thank you for your help with these special arrangements.

I always appreciate the exceptional service from decourvertes that I receive for my clients.  It is a tremendous sense of security knowing we can depend on decourvertes to provide excellent service, knowledgeable guides and special experiences for our valued clients.  I look forward to continuing to call on you whenever my clients need private arrangements in Paris.

Warm regards,


Dear Andre,

Thank you for attending to this matter so promptly. I would like to reiterate how much my clients loved your tours and guides. They especially loved Walter and were most impressed with him. Thank you! I cannot wait to book again with you! Have a great day!

Best Regards,


Hi ivor ..... just want to let you know the tour guide we had was one of the best we ever had.... she was extremely polite ...accommodating and professional..... we could've not been more happy with her services.... I would appreciate if you let her boss know this... she will be great for future clients