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I was born and raised in Marseille. Since my early childhood, I have always loved  nature, art and history.  When I was 19, I spent a year in Scotland to improve my English and to learn the skill of stonecutting. After getting my degree in tourism - speciality : Art-history, History  and Regional Heritage - I got my guiding certification and became a professional bilingual licensed guide in 2001. In 2007, I did a qualification of Guide Lecturer in Art History (Guide Conférencier des Villes d’Art etd’Histoire). I have been working as a guide in Provence for over 13 years and I enjoy sharing my passion, my knowledge and my region with visitors. 

Arts History and Museums :

My father designs and makes stage, museum and art gallery settings. Since my early childhood, I have enjoyed visiting museums and art galleries. When I was 19, I spent a year in Scotland. Those rich and various experiences have helped me to steer my studies towards history of art and travelling.
Visiting a museum is always a very emotional moment for me. Works of art are linked by the unifying thread that is the history of art and museums are like open books where you can read this history.

Wine and Gastronomy :

My grand father was a really good cook. When I was a kid, I used to take my lunch with my grand parents. When I came into their block of flats, I was able to recognize the lunch they had been cooking only by the smell of it. Since this young age, gastronomy has had a big place in my life.
Every Sunday, my family gathers over a meal where we eat traditional dishes.  Of course, wine takes an important place too. It must match the dishes to enhance (= sublimate) them.
When I come back home from work, I love cooking a nice meal for my family, it is a relaxing moment. Moreover I am really lucky in my job since I can eat the cuisine of the best local chefs. It is a great opportunity to explore gastronomy.

Architecture :

During the Renaissance period, artists thought architecture was the ultimate science. A complete artist had to master painting, sculpture and architecture.
I love that science which has to control so many constraints in order to match volumes and proportions in a complex environment.

Gardens and Botanic :

I was lucky to grow up in a pine-wooded neighborhood. My block of flats was just a few meters away from the Marseille National Park « Les Calanques ». Mine was the largest and greatest garden in Marseille! Even as a young child, herbs and trees had no secret for me.
Moreover, my grand-mother has got her own garden, she grows fruit and wonderful vegetables. For a few years now, I have been growing my own garden too, I find great satisfaction in growing and harvesting my production.

Traditions and Local History :

The history and traditions of Provence are part of my identity.
Traditions and local history represent my identity. I really enjoy to share them and to make them known. They are source of pride and happiness. That is why I have decided to become a guide.

History, Historical Sites and Monuments :

Provence is situated at the crossroads of great civilizations that have left us wonderful remains. They are today the sites and monuments we are very proud to show our visitors. Some sites and monuments are very well known, but others are situated off the beaten tracks and the experience of a professional guide is needed to let tourists get a better insight of them. 

Vintage Furniture and Flea Market :

Once a year, when I was a kid, I used to sell my old toys at the flea market we had in the neighborhood. I still enjoy this hobby. I love to sell or to buy something original at the flea market. Looking for something special with a history, a soul.

Provence has an old tradition of flea markets. Every city, village, or neighborhood has a flea market. It is a friendly place where people can meet and take their time.

Modern art :

I like modern art. For me, the modern art artist does not necessary look for an aesthetic result. The work of art is essentially conceptual. I like the way the artist gets rid of tradition and academicism. It is in subversion that artists express modern art.

Off the Beaten Tracks Local Sites :

Since I started to work in tourism in 2000, I have specialized into small group and small size vehicles and this has enabled me to explore Provence off the beaten tracks. It is now my speciality. Travelling as a small group and small size vehicle allows you to get an insight of authentic Provence, to meet natives and discover protected sceneries.

Religion, Religious Monuments :

I have received a catholic education. My mother was the head teacher of a catholic school. I am very respectful of religions and I have a passion for the religious heritage of Provence. I was lucky to guide a tour in a cistercienne abbaye for several years.
Not only has Provence got a rich religious heritage with its romanesque and gothic churches and monasteries but also an unexpected Jewish heritage. Indeed, Provence was, for a long time, a land of peace for the Jews who were persecuted in the kingdom of France. There are some interesting medieval ghettos and very original synagogues in Provence.


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